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Weeks 5-7 and Forever: Rebalance Your Metabolism
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A group for anyone who wants to try or has tried the Ultrametabolism Diet. You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight. It's not about eating less, it's about eating smarter.

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Weeks 5-7 and Forever: Rebalance Your Metabolism

FOODS TO ENJOY (in addition to those foods allowed in the Detox Phase):

-Fruit: Dried fruit (sulfite free); Pure, unsweetened fruit juices used in cooking

-Grains: Gluten-containing whole grains including barley (whole or unhulled), bulgar (wheat), kamut (wheat), oats (steel-cut) and oat bran, whole rye, spelt (wheat), sprouted whole wheat, triticale, whole wheat, wheat berries, wheat bran, raw wheat germ, or food products made from the above 100% whole or sprouted

-Beans: miso, tempeh

-Red meat (grass fed/finished beef) and pork: trimmed tenderloin, trimmed sirloin

-Nuts and seeds: peanuts and peanut butter, pistachios

-Fats and Oils: almond oil, avocado oil, coconut butter and oil, flaxseeds (ground and as flaxseed oil), grapeseed oil, macademia nut oil, black and green olives, extra virgin olive oil, palm fruit oil, pumpkin seed oil, plain and toasted sesame seed oil, walnut oil, wheat germ oil

-Dairy (preferred types), choose organic: All types of unprocessed cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, goat's milk cheese, goat's cheese, goat's yogurt, milk (1%, skim, nonfat), sheep's cheese, sheep's milk, sheep's yogurt, sour cream, yogurt

-Eggs: Omega-3 type

-Sweeteners: Honey, agave nectar

-Alcohol: One drink 3-4 times per week. One drink is equal to 4-5 fluid ounces wine, 1.5 fluid ounces spirits, 12 fluid ounces beer or 16 fluid ounces light beer


-Grains: white rice, grain products that are not 100% whole or sprouted grain, white flour products

-Poultry: poultry with skin on, processed poultry products

-Red meat: Grain fed

-Pork: Bacon, ham, sausage

-Deli meats: All processed meats

-Liver and organ meats

-Beverages: caffeinated beverages (coffee, teas, sodas, waters), fruit drinks and fruit punches, instant teas, soda
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