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5 weeks after laparotomy and stomach looks like a big balloon

I am 27 and had a laparoscopy done about a little over 6 weeks ago which the doctors found a tumor on my left ovary. I went to see an oncologist and was in  another surgery 10 days after my first surgery. They took out my left ovary, left fallopian tube, appendix, and some random lymph nodes. They also had to remove all the endometriosis which was covering my appendix, small intestines, bladder and uterus. I had a cyst on my right ovary that they did something with too- I think scraped it off?  I have a large incision that runs down the middle of my stomach  which is 12 inches long. Long story short, I have not really had the best recovery so far but my main issue now is that I can't fit into any shirts. I don't know if I am pushing myself cause I walk a lot or what is going on but all my friends say I look 6 months pregnant because its so hard and big. I have called my doctor so much that I don't know if this is something that I should be worried about to call again. I mean, could it be an infection or is this normal? Did I pull something? I worked out before surgery 6 days a week so maybe the muscles are just working. No clue. OH, I have also been this way for 6 days now and yesterday I did get my period but the belly still didn't go away. I start work next week as a server at a bar and there is no way I am getting into a work shirt.

Hope someone has an answer for me..
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