A lump behind my left ear ?
by Andrew890, Aug 23, 2012
I've had this strange lump behind my left ear ( and a much smaller one behind my right ear ) since as long as I can remember - someone first pointed it out to me when I was about 11
It feels rubbery and can be moved around slightly
It's never hurt or anything, but I really don't know what it is
Whenever I search "lump behind ear" I never receive ANY cases that are like mine ! Does anyone have an idea of what it is and if anything should be done about it ? Thank you !
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by cricket722, Aug 23, 2012
It is a lymph node that probably gets bigger and smaller when you are about to get sick. Larger, that is, when you are going to get sick.
by mkh9, Aug 24, 2012
Do you have any symptoms? Any pain in the ears or behind the ears, dizzyness or vertigo or any other symptoms. It could be a benign tumor called an acoustic neuroma but you would need an MRI to check.I suppose it could  be a cyst as well. Cysts are more common.
by xjudex, Aug 24, 2012
I also have them my doc told me they are lump nodes that never fully shrunk back to normal probably after an infection or virus such as strep throat, ear infection virus, or mumps ASK YOUR DOCTOR
by Andrew890, Aug 25, 2012
Never experienced any of those symptoms - they're just ... there :/
by mkh9, Aug 25, 2012
Since you don't have any symptoms it may be cysts. I would get them checked out though.
by cricket722, Aug 26, 2012
As I stated in the very first post, they are just lymph nodes. Don't worry about them. I have it behind my right ear. DO go to the dr asap if they change in size (get bigger). :-)