Abdominal swelling or just fat?!
by justme73, Apr 04, 2009
I could use to lose @ 15-20 lbs, but lately it seems that my abdomen (under my breasts above my waist) is swelling, not my waist or stomach area, I have not changed any habits, I am currently taking a class through the gym and exercising 3 days a week, working on it! I was trying some clothes on and noticed it in the mirror, and it just seems an odd proportion to my waist...is this just a 'redistribution' of body fat or something I should be concerned about? Thanks.
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by Lasilm69, Apr 04, 2009
I am having sort of like the same issue, my abdominal im getting sharp pains and cramps..almost everyday it seems and im always lookign like a pregnant women would look like at about 5 months through (which im not prego at all).
by PlateletGal, Apr 05, 2009

I would consider asking your physician to check your liver enzymes and also to get you a referral (if you need one) to see your OB/GYN.

In addition to that.... consider ruling out food allergies and/or Celiac disease.