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Agressive shaking when tired and cold
My normal body temperature is 97.3 to 97.7. About twice to three times a year I will start to fell cold moving towards my center. It is almost always later in the day, post supper. It can happen at any temperature. Monday night it happend to me again and I ended up in the hospital with Morphine to take away the pain that comes with it. I feel the onset and within a minute or two I start to shake violently. I scares people when they see it. My body tenses up tremendously it comes in waves. I start to sweat profusly to the point where I soak all the blankets PJ;s etc. Usually if I go to bed lay down it will  subside and go away. I will sleep that night sweating profusely and again usually the next night. This last time was very different. Painful and long. I ended up in the hospital for overnight observation. The morphine was able to stop the tensing up to some level. Any ideas would be appreciated. My BP will spike and I expect someday this will do me in.
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