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I am now 55 years old.  When I reached the age of approximately 42, I started developing a body odor.  It started out very subtle and light.  As the years went on, it has gotten worse.  People do not sit next to me. As a matter of fact that sit at least 3 sits down from me.  They don't like sitting in the row in front of me or right behind me.  When I am in close proximity with someone they are either coughing, turning their head or backing away.  Ostracized by society is a very nice way to put it.  On my job, I am uncomfortable around people because they are constantly looking at me and rubbing their nose.There are a lot of people I want to talk to, but when I notice I am offending people, I go into my shell and don't express the things that are on my mind.  

I am on medication and was wondering if that in some way has contributed to this odor.  I have been taking cholesterol medication since I was in my late 20s.  Around the age of 42, I developed a hypothyroidism and have been taking medication for that.  
it seems that it all started with the problem in the Thyroid.

there is probably a condition behind your hypothyroidism that hasn't be diagnosed.

For example I could quickly find a few conditions related with bad body odor and thyroid

Causes of Bad body odor OR Thyroid enlargement

1. Bamforth syndrome
A rare syndrome characterized mainly by the association of an abnormal opening in the roof of the mouth and reduced thyroid functioning....more »
2. Congenital hypothyroidism
A condition in infancy or early childhood due to an in-utero deficiency of thyroid hormones that can be caused by genetic or environmental factors, such as thyroid dysgenesis or hypothyroidism in infants of mothers treated with thiouracil during pregnancy...more »
3. Fungal infections
Any condition caused by fungus....more »
4. Goiter
Swollen neck thyroid gland...more »
5. Graves Disease
is an autoimmune disease characterized by hyperthyroidism due to circulating autoantibodies. Thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSIs) bind to and activate thyrotropin receptors, causing the thyroid gland to grow and the thyroid follicles to increase syn...more »
6. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Hashimoto thyroiditis is characterized by the destruction of thyroid cells by various cell- and antibody-mediated immune processes. Patients with Hashimoto thyroiditis have antibodies to various thyroid antigens, the most frequently detected of which incl...more »
7. Hyperparathyroidism, primary
A rare genetic disorder where excessive activity of the parathyroid gland causes increased blood calcium levels which can cause various problems....more »
8. Iodine deficiency
Dietary deficiency of iodine affecting the thyroid....more »
9. Lymphoma
Cancer involving lymph nodes and the immune system....more »
10. Lymphomatous thyroiditis
Progressive thyroid gland enlargement due to autoimmune disease....more »
err no I confused the list, actually those conditions are not necessarily related with bad body odor. there is a link between thyroid and odor though at least in puberty probably also in adults. do you have excessive sweating? strong medications also can cause it apparently.

liver and kidneys problems too.
You should definitely talk to your doctor about it. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause bad body odor.  You can help by showering every morning, washing all clothes after 1 wearing and wearing a good deoderant / anti-persperant.  You might even consider taking a change of clothes to work to change midday.

If your doctor can't find a cause, try going to a naturopath or nutritionist. They might be able to offer remedies or suggest dietsry changes that could help.
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