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Dear friends,

        I have taken much drugs for my fungal infection for the last three months and stopped all tablets recently. Secondly, I have been stressing lot and much anxiety, depression, lack of sleepless night. I have been feeling bloating stomach, fatigue, join pain, skin rashes,  

Note: I believe which all happened for the drugs and anxiety and which test can be used to diagnosis whether allergic or not.

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Bloating, fatigue, joint pain and rashes could be due to Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or H pylori infection. Hence you need to get this evaluated by a physician and a gastroenterologist.
Various reasons for recurrent fungal infection are incomplete treatment, treatment resistance, co-existing dermatitis, diabetes and low immunity. Hence these need to be evaluated.
If all your symptoms were side effects of anti-fungals, then stopping the drugs should help in alleviating the symptoms. Since there has not been much relief, please consult a doctor. Eat healthy, take up some activity you enjoy, and drink plenty of fluids. Take care!

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