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Allergy? Acid? ariway pain
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Allergy? Acid? ariway pain


About 1 year ago I began to suffer with a wheezy type cough. 1 Year on my symptoms are sore throat from around the trachea area and sometimes lower.  Sometimes I get aches around neck, along collar bone and further down ribcage.  Throat feels like I have a cold, but I don't.  I don't feel the need to cough, but it is sore when I do.  I also suffer with acid reflux. My throat also clamps up sometimes and I feel like I am being strangled, this is intermittent and goes away when eating.  I have information on a condition called Cricopharyngeal spasm.  This describes the strangling symptoms perfectly.  It says no one knows why it occurs and it goes away on its own maybe after a few months.  Mine shows no sign of going and I don't think its a coincidence that I have others throat symptoms at the same time.  The worst of these symptoms is the throat to lung airway soreness.  Feel like I have really bad flu.  My lung capacity does not seem to have changed.  When I have had a run my throat becomes really very sore and painful so I have to stop running.  This pain is upper throat airway.

I have severe cat allergy, medium pollen, medium dust allergy.  Is it possible that allergies cause my very sore airway?

I have had X-ray on lungs-clear
General blood tests and blood tests for thyroid cancer-clear
I have seen an ENT surgeon who used a camera through my nasal passage to view throat.  He says he sees signs of acid damage.

Between my Doctor and the ENT, they believe acid reflux combined with allergies caused the problem.

It could be allergies.  My in-laws have a cat that I live with when I visit.  See them about 4 times a year for a few days.  In the past the symptoms of the cat allergy last for around a week after I have returned home.

I work in an office within a warehouse.  This is dusty.  I have worked there for 3 years, my symptoms have lasted around 1 year.
I used to smoke. I quit around10 months ago.  I have had a few cigarettes since then and it makes my condition worse.  I have kept a record of how bad my symptoms are for 3 months.  I am a data analyst but I cannot see a pattern.

I believe its not just down to allergies.  I am taking omeprazole for the acid reflux and I have no acid that I know about although I do regurgitate food randomly.  Could the acid have effected my throat and airway?

I am 33 yr old male.  I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome in 2001(11 years ago).  It has caused me many problems.  Could this be effecting me now too?

What do I do?

Please help

Life is hard with a 2 year old, I have to pretend every thing is normal but some days I wish It was all over.
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I missed something out.  When I sit back The pain around neck upper chest throat is so much worse(sore).  I spent most of my time sitting/lying forward
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It looks like your doctors are on the right track with their diagnosis of a combo of acid reflux and allergies.  Allergies, and allergist told me can increase your mucous output a great deal, which in turn can make your reflux symptoms worse.  

The damage in your throat evidently looks to your ENT like acid reflux damage.  The acid comes up and burns your throat.  If your ENT saw this after you had been on your omeprazole for awhile (or even if it was before), it's time to get referred to a GI (gastrointestinal) specialist and ask if an EGD with a Bravo ph monitor test is in order owing to your continued symptoms while on omeprazole to see if the medicine is truly doing its job in your case.  They can look for signs of acid damage to your esophagus, which is located in your throat, as well as to see if you have a hiatal hernia, etc..

May I suggest you also describe to the GI specialist your throat clamping up feeling?  

I know a feeling like a lump caught in the throat or having trouble breathing at times can be a symptom of anxiety, so the next time it happens, you may want to think about if something is stressing you as to whether or not anxiety may be something to consider as a cause.  Anxiety can also potentially worsen GERD because of increased acid output.

Smoking, as you've likely been told does aggravate GERD symptoms as well as increasing your risk for lung cancer, so it would make since that your soreness of throat would be made worse by the cigarettes.

Regarding the aching bones, if all appropriate blood tests have come back negative, you migh want to consider whether or not you are having musculoskeletal inflammation.  Costochondritis, for example, is a musculoskeletal inflammatory condition that can be very painful and even can make it hurt to breathe for some people.
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The current warning for acid blockers such as omeprazole is magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium deficiency symptoms include esophageal spasms, chronic fatigue, acid reflux (yes ironic i know lol), wheezing and allergies. There are other causes of some of these symptoms but warnings are there for a reason. :) Magnesium deficiency affects 7 out of 10 people anyway. Add a nutrient depleting acid blocker to the mix..not good.

The symptoms of stomach acid over production and under production are virtually identical.  Try the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, not baking powder) test to see if you have high or low acid. Under production of stomach acid is the most common cause of acid reflux conditions.

The following steps help to determine your stomach's acidity:

1. Perform this test first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (before
eating or drinking)

2. Dissolve ¼ teaspoon of baking soda into an 8 oz glass of cold water

3. Drink the solution and start timing

4. Record the time until you first burp up gas

5. Perform this test for 5 consecutive days (or longer) at the same time each day to give a better estimation of your stomach’s acidity

Time until first burp:

If you burp immediately and excessively your stomach acid level is probably too high

Under 2 min: indicates normal acidity

2 - 5 min: low normal acidity

Over 5 min: possible hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid)

No burping indicates possible achlorhydria (no stomach acid)
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Lying flat can make acid refluxing worse.
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