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Always Hungry
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Always Hungry

For some reason I am always hungry. I am not sure why and would like opinions if anyone has any. Here are the facts.
I have been diabetic since I was 6 years old and am now 24. I am in good control of my diabetes, A1C is at 7 and I have a diabetic pump. My blood sugars do fluctuate, but not usually severely.

About 6 months ago I began to be more hungry than usual. I though it was just that I needed more energy since I've been a bit busier. However, it's been months and I'm still so hungry all of the time. I used to be fine eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich and a serving size bag of chips for lunch, and say a slice of meatloaf, green beans and mashed potatoes for dinner. All regular acceptable serving sizes.

Now, I eat breakfast. Say a bowl of cereal or oatmeal at 8am and I am fine for a bit, then I'm hungry again at 9 and I have a snack, usually crackers and cheese. I will eat lunch at 12pm and be hungry again almost right away. I will eat another 2 snacks before 5pm when i leave to go home from work. Then I eat dinner at about 6 or 7. Now, I dont really eat as much as I am hungry. Because of my diabetes I cannot eat every time I feel hungry because of the carbs. I have a pump and can give insulin if I eat, but the insulin is expensive. So really I am hungry about 90% of the day when I'm awake.

Today I ate, for a snack, an entire roll of Ritz crackers....I'm still hungry.

I am also tired most of the time, but I am not sure if this is related, or if it's because I have 2 jobs and work about 60-65 hours per week. I also have high anxiety, but I have always had that, it's nothing new.

If anyone has any ideas or any questions to help formulate ideas, please let me know.
Thanks - Ali
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First, let me qualify, I'm not an expert.  I'd check with the doctor about your juvenile onset type one diabetes, which I assume is what you have?  Because being hungry all the time could be describing a symptom of that diabetes.  

Secondly, you could try some improvements on your choices in eating.  Like, try a small handful of nuts prior to your sandwich.  I heard a tip on tv that said if you eat a certain amount of nuts (don't recall if maybe it was a tablespoon or what) prior to eating your meal, it can curb your appetite and help with that.  You might even try nuts that are high in omega fatty acids, like almonds, macadamia nuts, or walnuts.  Are you not allowed to eat any of the lower sugar type fruits for lunch, because I noticed that was absent in your lunch menu.
Stress increases your cortisol level and fat might tend to gather at the middle with that increase.  Stress can stimulate appetite.  If at all possible, I'd recommend as one high anxiety person to another, please think about if it is at possible to give up the highest stressor job to one of the many unemployed!  You don't want to crack up, I'm sure, and believe, me, it can happen!  You might try some deep breathing excercises if you find it helps you to relax.  And when your stressed, a whole roll of ritz, tasty as they are might not be the snack you should be eating so much of.  

I'm not a big vegetable fan, but an immediate relative of mine heard a diet tip where you fill half your dinner plate with vegetables and it helps with the hunger problem.
You have carbohydrate cravings, which are usual for a diabetic.

Interestingly, stomach band surgery has been used recently to reduce food intake for diabetics and remission. It's unapproved surgery, however.
Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
You will be surprised to know that stomach ulcers and severe acidity can result in hunger pangs. Even GERD presents with similar symptoms. At times the hunger pangs due to acidity wakes up a person in the wee hours of night. The other possibility is diabetes (this you have), hyperthyroid states and worms in the gut. All can keep you hungry 24x7. Hence get this tested. Get a repeat blood sugar both fasting and 2 hours after food, thyroid panel and stool test.
Hunger can be controlled. Keep a diary of what you eat. Some food stuffs make you hungry earlier where as others do not. Remove all high calorie and high glycemic index food items from your house. Keep healthy nutritious food, plenty of fiber rich food and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Thanks for the input. The nuts might help, and I'll try that. I do eat healthy things, I was just giving an example of the main meals in one of my days. I can eat whatever I want, all carbs and sugar included as I have the pump so I simply have to calculate the carb to insulin ratio. I know that I shouldn't eat a whole roll of Ritz, but the snacks available in the office that are lowest in carbs are not always the healthiest unfortunately.

I understand that some of you see the words type 1 diabetes and automatically think that is the issue, but you have to understand that I have had diabetes for 18 years and have never had this symptom before it is brand new, so I doubt the diabetes has a major part of the issue since I have been in good control for quite a while with no major changes.
I have gotten repeat blood sugars both fasting and after eating (I test about 7 times per day) and have blood testing done for my diabetes every three to four months when I go for my routine visits to my endocrinologist.

I guess in basic my question was, what could possibly make someone eat normally one day and then be overly hungry the next for a long period of time. While knowing what to eat to not be as hungry will help, I want to know the cause of the symptom more than how to supress the symptom. I will see about the worms, since none of the other suggestions seem to fit.

Again, thanks for the help and I hope I cleared any misunderstandings.
You mention none of the other suggestions seem to fit- but are you absolutely certain you aren't extra-stressed?  Because stress can make you want to eat more and can also make you tired (which you mentioned in your original post) and it would be a rare person indeed who has high anxiety (you mentioned you always have had) who wasn't even more stressed after awhile of working 60-65 hours each week!   Increased cortisol levels can be induced by stress and high cortisol stimulates appetitite.  You might get that cortisol level checked and see if it isn't high.  

Also, have you had your thyroid function tested lately?  Hyperthyroidism can stimulate appetite as well, because in that state, the thyroid is metabolizing your food too fast.
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