Always feel like I have to pee, like something is squishing bladder, and tired
by 01brat, Sep 09, 2006
It always feels like i have to pee, even after i have already gone to the bathroom. When i finish going pee it feels lik someone is squeezing my bladder ubtil there is nothing in there. Feel slightly tired troughout the day. What could this be?
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by camalmom, Sep 09, 2006
are you a female? If so are you pregnant or could you be?
by 01brat, Sep 10, 2006
yes i am female, and i don't believe that i could be pregant because i am on my period.
by myproblem, Sep 10, 2006
How long has this been going on? Do you have kids? My sister has a similar problem because her uterus fell after having 3 kids. It has caused her bladder to tilt so that it can't empty properly.
by sgendron28, Sep 15, 2006
Just because you have your period doesn't mean that you're not pregnant.  My sister got her period the first 2 months of her last pregnancy.  It could also be a UTI.
by lori74, Sep 15, 2006
I have a lot of urological problems.  I am completely exhausted with it honestly.  I have seen a urologist and a couple of urogynecologist many times in the last 3 years.  I recently drove out of state to see another specialist and he diagnosed me with a cystocele which is when the bladder has fallen.  I have a daughter and had natural child birth, so this is a long standing problem.  I have been treated for overactive bladder with medication.  It helped a little.  I have interstitial cystitis which is a painful bladder condition. I am doing bladder instillations for this.  I have endometriosis.  All of these things cause frequency, urgency and pain.  I go to the bathroom every hour and then don't always empty all the way.   I am looking into surgery to fix the cystocele and hopefully it will help some of the problem.  Then I will have to take medication most likely.  One doctor said something to me about eventually having to get a pacemaker(interstim).  I said no way.  I am only 32 and that sounds medieval to me.  I would check with a urogynecologist if you can find a good one.  They are rare, but can be more helpful than a urologist.  I hope you find relief because I know it is a huge pain in the neck and then some.