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Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, possible prolapse!?
Hi I'm a 30yr old male and for the past couple years I have been dealing with stomach issues.

abdominal bloating and cramping before movements
irregular stools (mostly watery or soft & thin)
constant need or feel to defecate; rectal pressure
going frequently - mucus occasionally passed instead of stool
streaks of blood on toilet paper after going so many times a day

i have a history of straining from working construction several years and trying to "power-poop" so i would not waste time. i havent worked that sorta job for a year now, so im not in the habit of doing that anymore, tho i do strain alot from feeling like i need to with these symptoms.

but there's a certain 'feeling' after going i've noticed these past several months - after finishing my business, washing my hands, etc., a couple min would pass and i would feel my sphincter "pucker-up". i kinda figured it was just relaxed from passing bowel movements and was tightening up or something. but today i've had painful movements, and some burning when defecating -> with the blood streaks on the paper again. So i decided to take a good look. i squat over a vanity mirror (magnifying side up for ease of detail). when i spread my anal sphincter open i was shocked.

- more than several anal fissures to the point i was actually a little paranoid it could be something else. perhaps this was protruding slightly immediately after movements, and with my rough over wiping - no suprise right? would explain that weird pucker-up sensation too.

- multiple bulging bluish hemorrhoids, just inside the rim. they are thankfully not enough to protrude, yet there are a few, and rather large. enough for me to feel when wiping. maybe those red patches coulda been busted 'roids???

- this is what shocked me most. in this position i spread a little further to see farther inside. around a few inches up maybe (not like i measured it) a bright red, meaty looking tissue was protruding in the canal. i could not see further as this seemed to take up the whole upper part of the canal. ive seen advanced cases of prolapse online, and though this is still inside the canal, it looks -exactly- like the dangling bright red masses in online pics - just partway up.

is this a prolapse!!?? how long could it have been like this, could this be contributing to the majority of my problems passing stools? how serious is this, can i just take care with stool softeners and let it reattach, or does it not work like that? im not really sure what the options are???
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Go to a doctor and have an examination done, and do it soon.  Explain to the doctor what you have typed here. You could have massive hemorroids that are rupturing. Go buy some wipes with aloe vera in them and stop using toilet paper. The wipes should be in the toilet paper area at a Walmart or even baby wipes at any drug  or grocery store. Do not rub hard, but gently clean yourself. It is very important to keep this area clean because open sores leave you vunerable to infection from the feces.

Rather than using stool softeners just drink plenty of filtered water  for now until you see your doctor. Also, don't strain when defecating, all that straining can cause hemorroids to worsen  or  other problems.
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Well, this could be a rectal prolpase or an internal hemorrhoid or a prolapsed hemorrhoid. It is difficult to comment without examining.
In all probability you have an inflammatory bowel disorder like IBS, Crohn’s, celiac disease or food intolerance. The stool problems due to these disorders along with straining at work could be contributing to the hemorrhoids or mucosal prolapsed at the anus.
You need to consult a gastroenterologist and get this evaluated.
Take care!
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