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Back and Stomach Spasms
My husband has been ill for over 2 years with bowel and stomach pains and also for 18 months, severe diahoria.   Over this period of time he has had every possible test including blood tests, Ultra sound scan, CT Scan, Bowel and stomach xrays, camera down his throat and also into his bowel.   During this time polyps were found which were removed and found to be harmless.  It was also discovered after 18 months that he had Heliobactor infection which he was treated for and did cure the diahorria.   He lost nearly 2 stone during this time.   He has seen probably 6/7 specialists including a physchiatrist and during this period has been on a variety of anti-depressants and different pain-killers none of which helped long term.

About 10 days ago whilst in the garden, he bent down and when he went to get up, his back went into spasms and the pain in his abdomen was really bad.   Since then he has been unable to stand up for more than a few minutes as when he does, he has terrible spasms and pain so is lying down all day.   The doctor has seen him and said he must try to be mobile and gave him some Tramodol for the pain which do not seem to be much help and it is slowly getting worse.   He has another appointment to see his doctor Friday (23.5.08) but from previous visits, know that he is just going to tell him that he has to get on with life and that he may have skeletal problems which he will have to live with.  The Pain specialist we saw 2 weeks ago is referring him to a Rheumotologist but of course, long term, if it is related to skeletal problems, is not going to go away.   The stomach cramps have now been going on for over 2 years and it was thought at one stage it could be IBS, but this has also been ruled out.

I do not know where else to go as without a referral from his own doctor, you cannot see anyone else and anyway, I would not know who he needs to see.   During these 2 years he has had two brothers die from cancer - one from bowel cancer and one from liver and pancreas cancer and I know he is concerned that as his mother also died from cancer, it is something that is in the family.    

Has anyone heard of similar undiagnosed illnesses and what they are?    I am at my wits end and so want us both to be able to get on with life as we are in our mid 60's.    

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