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Begging for help!!!
I have a 23yr old with ORO FACIAL DIGITAL SYNDROME. For the past 2 months he has been having "seizure" like activity only in the morning while eating breakfast.  He feels this episode coming on and is able to tell me.  His jaw tightens up, unable to swallow, has involuntary swallowing (vagus nerve?), drooling on one side.  These episodes can last from 10 mins to a few hrs. During the worst episodes he stares off into space with his eyes rolled up in his head and they are very bloodshot with him vomiting at the end.  Had an EEG done (Normal) with a CT scan done in the ER with bloodwork (both normal) during one of these worst episodes. Docs had no clue what it was.  His nuerologist is at a loss also..We are away till SEPT so I am sure he will run more test when we get back. He presently takes Ritalin La 40 mg daily and Risperdone 2 mg nightly.  Hr has been on these meds a good 15 yrs or so.  Any thoughts???  It is very frustrating to see him go through this. Some components seem behavior but stepdaughters (one's a nurse and the other a behavior specialist) who have seen these episodes think it is medical.  He has never been one to look for attention etc.  HELP!!!
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