Bitten by a mouse
by Winnie17, Jun 12, 2006
I was a bitten by a wild mouse at my stable yesterday.  I was reaching behind the sink and I think I scared him.  It is a shallow wound, and I washed it immediately.  Do I need to see a doctor?  What are the chances of me contracting a disease?
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by PammySue, Jun 12, 2006
I looked this up for you and you can read this article:

It says that it is rare that anything other than perhaps a bacterial infection if washed good immediately after the bite.  I would watch it though for any signs of infection.

And by the way, ewwww!!!  LOL!  Sorry you were bitten.

by maryheather, Jun 12, 2006
My daughter was bitten by a mouse that a cat had caught.  The mouse was still living, but struggling.  We called the doc and they told us to watch the wound for redness, or signs of infection.  They also advised us to (ick) save the mouse and put him in the freezer.  That way, if it did become infected, they could do a test on the mouse and see what the specific bacteria/infection was.  Is it possible for you to catch the mouse?  I know there are probably several in the stable, but odds are if one of them has something, they probably all do.
by Kalio1, Jun 12, 2006
Where do you live? Some areas are more prone that others but I'd go to the doctor as a precaution. You can be exposed to the Hanta Virus from wild mice and it is vital you have it checked out. I would not mess around with it, it is worth the trip to the doctor considering the dire consequences if it DID expose you to that or any other disease or infection.
by Winnie17, Jun 13, 2006
Well, shortly after our encounter, the poor thing met Sassy, the barn cat.  Now that I look back, she was waiting for it to come out, which explains why the mouse was so upset.  And I live in Delaware.
by AllWoman, Jun 17, 2006
OMG i was bitten like 4 months ago, it was a tiny, baby field mouse (so cute), i was trying to get him out of a sink, and not thinking, i grabbed him, and he bit me. I was nervous at first, right away i washed my finger very well, and used peroxide. I did have a tetnit (sp) shot a few yrs back, and they said i was alright because the shot lasts for up to 10 yrs....have you had a shot lately? just watch it good.....
by klh279, Mar 28, 2008
how can i get rid of mice. we have them in our house. we have tried mouse traps and the kind that stick. these mice are too smart. please help?
by reindeercuttie444, Dec 02, 2011
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by sydney2121, Mar 28, 2013
hello, my name is sydney and my little sister was bitten by a baby field mouse we found today (it was being attacked by my cat) and it bit her but barely broke her skin. im very worried about her. we live in northern kentucky if you know of any common dieases in this area carried by mice? thanks in advance! -Sydney