Blood Filled Boil, Vagina
by JanetJanJan, Aug 18, 2012
About a month ago I had a boil begin to form in the vaginal area. I have had these before and they are awful.  Over the course of a month, it was uncomfortable, seemed to go up and down in swelling and finally the other day while showering I notice the pain while washing the area had change to a stinging sensation.  As I tried to look further at what was going on, it popped and contained some pus and lots of blood.  The pain was gone immediately.  However now five days later, I still feel a bump there and it doesn't seem to be going away. Granted it is not as severe as previous, but I would like to be done with this thing. Any way to get it to speed up healing or do I need to have it looked at at a doctor's office.  And also I would like to NOT get these as frequent. I am as hygenic as a person can possibly be, but I am a jogger and I know the friction is probably a huge part of the cause. Not giving up jogging so suggestions beyond cleaning because I already do that.
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by becca711, Aug 18, 2012
I have had the same thing. I would suggest maybe wearing something to maybe prevent your legs from like rubbing together when you jog. Id cover the boil so it can heal as well.
by omamo, Aug 25, 2012
is there a cause to be worried?
by JanetJanJan, Aug 28, 2012
Not worried, but annoyed.  This is something that has happened before and although there are much bigger problems, these can be quite painful, to the point that I have to become nearly inactive when I get them.  And I am still dealing with this current one, almost two months of it.  It is much smaller than it was but still fills up every other day.  Would just appreciate if I had some real answers on other ways to prevent them besides good hygiene, because that is already happening. That is the only answer I get from my doctor as well.