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Blood in saliva - every day
Hi everyone,

For quite some time ( 2-3 years ) I've been experiencing traces of blood in my saliva. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot, as in it's 75% blood.

In the mornings I have very bad breath and my spit is brown-ish.

During the day I feel my throat is dry and sometimes feel "something" stuck in my lower throat ( below Adam's apple ). During the day I sometimes get traces of blood in my spit and it's usually bright red. I would spit for 30 seconds and it's gone.

I usually feel my throat is dry throughout the day and drink a lot of water as a consequence.

I went to 2 doctors ( one 3 years ago, one 2 years ago ). One of them told me that my throat is just dry and irritated and that I should spray a saline spray from time to time.

Had chest X-ray a few months ago and it showed up perfectly clear.

I'm a smoker ( 1/2 packs a day - sometimes more sometimes less )
I'm in my mid-late 20s.
Don't drink.
Eat decently healthy.

Anyone else experiencing this ? Any doctors who would like to pitch in ?

Thanks everyone :)

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Yeah I agree with the Staca99 this sounds serious to me. Just the fact that it has been going on for so long makes me worried for you. I would definetly get a secound opinion, that is not normal. Any history of esophageal cancer ? Also do you have any bad dental problems? If so it could be periodontal disease or gum disease. Either way you should find out something! I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to feeling better soon.
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