Bowel pain / numbness in hands
by MairH70, Jun 14, 2010
This morning I woke up with the urge to have a bowel movement with increasing abdominal pain.  The pain got so severe that I was in a cold sweat, and felt like passing out.  The pain wasn't relieved with the bowel movement, and I started to vomit.  The other thing that happened is that my hands went numb, and I couldn't move my fingers on both hands.  I have had simular pain associated with the bowel movements before but nothing this severe.  I have been diagnosed with IBS and diverticulosis...it this all it is or something else??
Thank you!
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by cheshchesh819, Jun 14, 2010
these are all pretty relevent to ibs,i have pain for hours with mine and for the first few hours i am unable to go to the toilet,the pain feels like labour but instead of being hot you shiver but if you aint sure go to your gp
by notw777, Jun 14, 2010
Im so sorry to hear that...it probably is only IBS. I will be praying for you! Have faith.. God Bless:)
by aldunn72023, Jun 14, 2010
Ive had the same feeling with bowel movements but never had the numbness of the finger or hand.  You should probably go see your doctor and let him/her know what is going on and tell them about the hand/finger numbness just to be sure that it is not something more serious.  Hope you feel better soon.