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Bumps and swollen areas on my body that come and go
Heres one that I am curious to see if anyone knows something about.  11 years ago I got a breast reduction.  2 months after half my bottom lip would swell 4 times the normal size, then sometimes my hands would swell twice the size, getting red and hot and tight feeling.  They would also itch.  Well, then I developed this other thing that I get these knots under my skin anywhere on my body......could be on the bottom of my foot, to my rear end.  They are raised and red and feel warm at touch...they also itch.  Everything goes away over night.  I had a partial hysterectomy 1 month ago, and everything went hay wire again.  Usually I have always gotten one or two bumps a day, but after I have a surgery I get a bunch of them.  Sometimes the tip of my finger just swells.... weird!  The other day my knees swelled up also.  There has not been one doc that can tell me what is going on.  I have had test after test ran.......nothing.  They have put me on claritin...doesn't help.  Cortizon...doesn't help.  The one thing is that when I was pregnant both times, I wouldn't get them.  I really would like someone to help me with this.  They sometimes hurt me because of the location.  If I get them on the inside of my wrist it puts pressure on my nerves and causes problems.  Good luck with this one.
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