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Burning hands and feet, please help
Ok, heres goes. I'm currently active duty in the Navy. I've been having these problems for about a year now, and doctors can't really diagnose me. Here are my symptoms:
-Burning/Itching/Tingling of the hands and feet, along with swelling
-Burning/Itching of red lesions (not sure if thats what they are or not, but they look like red raised areas that are usually not in any particular shape, but are usually about 2-3 inches wide), i get these all over my body.
-Constant fatigue, it doesn't matter if I get 9 1/2 hours of sleep I still feel very tired and weak.
-General Aches and pains, usually my knees.

There are some other things that are going on with me, but these symptoms are my main concern. Please, Please help me. I'm at my breaking point. I just dont know what to do.
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The symptoms you have listed are consistant with tick borne disease, possibly Lyme.
I'm a retired nurse with Lyme.  I've done alot of reading in the past couple years about it, and I'm often able to recognize the pattern of symptoms in other people.

The problem with your hands and feet sounds like neuropathy.

You have chronic fatigue.

Aches and pains of muscles are called myalgia, and of joints is called arthralgia.

Red lesions: compare them to these pictures --

List of Lyme symptoms:

When To Suspect Lyme Disease

The testing for Lyme is not very accurate.  
Because of this, physicians should make the diagnosis based on the patient's symptoms.
This is known as a "clinical diagnosis."

Most physicians are not experienced enough to be comfortable making a clinical diagnosis of Lyme.
They'd rather order the tests, and when they come up negative, tell the patient that he doesn't have Lyme.

If your physician is interested, here is an article for him:

Other articles:

If you would like to discuss your symptoms with others who have the same problems, you can post a query at the flash discussion group at LymeNet.org.

I hope this helps.
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Tyler15 look at my post under Allergy & Immunology
3-22-06 hives, deep itching, burning and bone pain
4-12-06 ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE READ THIS. Our symptons sound alot alike. Are you on any meds? Have you had any allergy testing? Do you drink beer? How long on active duty? Tell me your other symptons. Post your question in the allergy forum. Some funguses and parasites can also cause the same problems. But so can anziety/stress believe it or not.
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I really appreciate your input. I've had the lyme tyder done, with negative test results, I may get my doctor to read that link you posted though, it's pretty interesting. I've been bitten by a tick before (it was actually embedded in my skin, and had to use a match to get it out), but that was probably 3 years ago. If it is lyme disease, would the symptoms just be affecting me 2 years later(I've been having these symptoms for about a year now)? Also, is there any cure, or am I going to be living with these symptoms for the rest of my life(the links you gave me weren't real clear about that)? I appreciate anymore information you can give me about all of this, I'm kind of looking forward to bringing this up with my doctor.\

I'm not so sure if it can be allergies. I wasn't on anymeds when I started getting these symptoms. The symptoms do sound awfully familier, but I usually have incidents about once a day(sometimes it will be two or three times, it really varies, sometimes they will last all night into the mourning, sometimes it will only last three or four hours). I'm not doing, or eating the same thing everyday, so I'm just not so sure it could be allergies. It's a thought though, I'll get my doc to do a work up.

I really appreciate everyones input, and would like some more. If there's anyone else out there that has these same symptoms or has heard of them, please help me out. I'm so desperate to find out what this is. The docs just can't seem to figure it out, atleast the ones that have been seeing me.
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