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Burning pain in shoulder that lasts for 30 seconds or more when I reach up or back
When I reach up or back with my right arm, I get this burning pain at the bottom of my delt on my right upper arm.

The pain drops me to my knees.  It doesnt just hurt and go away, it burns and burns and burns until it finally goes away in about a minute or so.

I cannot reach for things in the fridge, or a cabinet.  Even when lie down in bed and try to prop myself up on my elbow, it starts.

I am already on pain meds for osteoarthritis and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, so I'm surprised that the pain so so darned intense!

It brings tears to my eyes, it brings me to my knees.  What could this possibly be?


This discussion is related to left butt check pain that continues down my left leg.
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One strong possibility is of a spinal cause like spinal disc herniation or prolapsed especially at the cervical or thoracic level of the spinal cord. This causes neurological pain which can radiate in the forearm and lower part of the body also. This is an important possibility because the nature of the pain is burning and radiating. You should consult a neurologist as well as an orthopedician and get MRI spine (cervical and thoracic levels), MRI of the left upper back and shoulder blade (for any soft tissue injuries) and electromyographic studies and nerve conduction velocity test done. Till that time, apply warm compresses and some topical anti inflammatory analgesic creams on the back. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, specific treatment can be started.

Hope it helps. Take care and do keep me posted on how you are doing. Warm regards.

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