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Cant take much more.........
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This patient support community is for discussions relating to undiagnosed symptoms, breathing difficulties, feeling cold, cough, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, fever, indigestion, itching, nausea, numbness, pain (chronic), paralysis, rash, sweating, swelling, urination problems, and vomiting.

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Cant take much more.........

I have been having most of these symptoms for almost a yr now and can not get any relief and get a diff diagnosis every time I visit the Dr. I am going crazy!!!Any lil bit of help or suggestions will greatly be appreciated! I have had just about every test you can imagine and most have been pretty normal  or thats what they say the Adrenal gland test did show it was slower than normal but was on the very low side of normal, Heres a partial list of what I am going through right now there are more but if they aren't occurring right now I tend to forget about them :-) or try to anyway Severe left side abdominal pain below rib area like a stabbing pain when you ran when you were a kid but its constant no relief forom anything
which is now moved into the back area from mid shoulder blades downward
Headaches that are crippling I do suffer form Cluster headaches but these are different then that
Vision changes my eye sight is rapidly deteriorating! got new glasses 2 weeks ago and cannot seeout of them now...
Teeth are chipping away daily everything I try to chew makes a tooth break no matter what it is except soup or puddings its bad really bad!
Skin all over feels like it is badly sunburned like on fire insome areas and the areas move
I get a rashonmy back that last for a few days then gone for a few days then back again
My ankles swell up huge like Miss Piggy kinda huge daily but seem to go down overnight somewhat and they hurt
Ankle pain the is killer like my legs are grinfing away at my ankles
Sole of foot pain Ihave found a wart like bump that I have taken off and it continues to comeback bigger and more painful
Also have many scaly areas of skin on legs and arms and sides of feet
My skin in generally blotchy looking darkspots light spots looks really bad
Heart palpitations especailly when first lying down feels like heart is about to jump out of chest
Severe chest pain at times that will stop you in your tracks
Low blood pressure except when standing it get high and heart beat gets irregular...
Numbness and tingling in hands and legs to point of I drop things for no reason and sometimes when I go to get up mylegs arenumb and Ifall
Ears have a fluid like discharge at times never bloddy or I dont think its blood its kinda rust colored...
hip pain when walking will stop me in my tracks
Neck pain like my head is crushing my neckinto my spine thats constant pain
Nausea 24/7 always feel like any second Icould vomit
Bloating My stomache looks like I am about 8 months pregnant now
I have been to many diff doctors had numerous tests done and Nothing has been found I recently had my gall bladder out which just made things worse I have had my appendix out as well
I dont feel like I can go on like this much longer the pain is horrid
I have also gained about 10 pounds in the last week and I do not eat as everything I east makes meill
I am dehydrated and trying to get that fixed now.....
I also have a feeling of  Cotton balls in my mouth as well as a metal taste in my mouth its horrid!
Any help on any possible cause of all of this mess would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!
Oh and sleep I either do not sleep or I sleep for about 20 hours at a time....
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Oh and also in the middle of the night I wake up to my knee being locked it is the most horrid pain ever I can not move it at all and have to hope I wake someone up that will come move my leg for me as I cannot move at all I am a total mess and really going crazy!!
What are the tests you have had done??  headaches can be caused by dehydration and to much stress, I get horrible headaches if I stress to much ( I dont think I am either). I would start by trying to drink 2 liters of water a day. The crazy thing is this could also be a food reaction. So try a gluten free diet for two weeks. When my stomach gets bloated and extended its typically bc my body does not like certain foods so I take either a probiotic or Apple pectine.  you could have a slight ear infection have you been checked for that? Have they tested your blood sugars? Also ask them to test for lyme disease even a test can come up negative, but lyme disease can come in diffeent forms so find a doctor that deals with it. You can get lyme not only from a tick but ants, mosqitos, ect. My friends mom got it from a ant. We live in California, san diego. Don't give up and if a doc refuses find another  one they work for not the other way around. You sometimes have to diagnose yourself bc docs only do what they have learned in a text book not outside the book either. Also you would be suprised what accupuncture can do for people that are feeling well it takes about 4-5 treatments to really work but I would look into that as well! :-)good luck hun don't give up!
Thats sounds horrid! The Drs are total ***'s not finding the problems you have!  If you are taking meds, they can cause all those problems.  You should take a total vitamin and herb regamin right away.  Vitamin B's, niacin, A, E, ribloflavin, potassium, and everything in between!  Get glucosomine chondrotin for the inflamation (inflammation), and muscle aches to build your cartilidge and bones. Dont eat any spices, and NO SALT (sodium) No sugars either.  Eat more fruits, vegetables, brown rice, fish, chicken.  No beef or Pork. No pizzas, No pasta's, like noodles, speghetti, etc. Also get an anti oxident nutrient vitamins with herbs. Get acidophilis too.  Eat Yogurt. No icecream either, no candy or POP.  Try for a week and see how you do. I hope you feel better soon.  Otherwise, you need to demand your doctor to see a specialist.
Definitely get tested for Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, doctors in TX think there's no Lyme there, which isn't true.  Also, doctors think the blood tests are absolute, which they're not.  Many people with Lyme test negative and have a hard time getting a diagnosis as so few doctors recognize the symptoms of late stage disease. (I remember being really surprised myself as I always thought that Lyme Disease involved a rash and sore knees.  I have neither, and I still have Lyme!)

Check out a local Lyme support group as they might be able to refer you to a doctor who knows Lyme.  Some in TX have indicated they had to go out of state to find an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor).  Lyme Disease definition, diagnosis, and treatment is controversial in the medical world (it shouldn't be!), but many doctors who treat Lyme do so quietly in order to avoid being harrassed.

Check out this document with gives an overview and has a symptom list that might be helpful for you.  Perhaps your doctor will be willing to run a Western Blot (the screening test is pretty much worthless) to see if you come up positive.


Also, come check out the Lyme Disease Forum.
Have a heavy metals test and see what toxins you have in your body ...
I have had MRIs Cat scans Ultrasounds 2 in last 2 months  Endoscopy multiple blood tests had an implanted loop recorder for a yr stress tests TEE TEG you name it and I have been though it! one says I have tumors on adrenal gland another says just fatty tissue one says cancer another says its nothing I am just so confused and so tired I do not sleep at all as I am afraid to lay down as pain is greatly worse when laying down.... As for meds I am on I am on dexamethasone pravachol phenrgan compazine vicodin hyrdocortisone methotrexate rantinidine right now a z pack 325 MG aspirin a day and about 1600mg of ibuprofen a day. I am drinking something constantly but yes am dehydrated regardless he gave me until Monday to get re-hydrated or will be admitting me for fluids...... I have had lyme disease many many years ago and it was nothing like what I am going through now.....its kinda like system just shutting down bit by bit I never know what tomorrow will bring if it brings anything.... I am jsut so lost and so confused and soo very very tired of this way of life... Thanks to all for all your help will try the diets see if they help but I haven't been eating much anyhow as I eat and it makes everything soo much worse its not worth the eating.....
Different strains of Lyme have different levels of virulence, meaning some strains cause different symptoms and severity than others.  You could have had a mild case that was caught early last time.  When it's bad, Lyme can be pervasive and severe. It sometimes infects the adrenal glands because they have lots of connective tissue. Lyme likes connective tissue because it likes low oxygen environments.

It might be worth checking out... I know that feeling of despair and it's awful.
I have many suggestions. This is my email address ***@****. Talk to me. First of all. Drink gatorade, for electrolite's. And start drinking WATER. (A MUST.) You have to flush out toxins. Your cotton ball mouth is dydration. Your metalic taste in mouth is a copper deficiency. If you feel bloaty and gassey, then probably, you could use a colon clean out. You see those T.V. comercials, where the lady is on the airplane?? So cleanse yourself. Next you may have a combo of Lupus and Fibromyalgia. It also sounds like you could be affected with depression, with all the ailments. I too have a sleeping disorder and back problems with disks and bone spurs. I will share with you the way I survive through that with my emails.....Good luck...Robert
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