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Chronic Epstein-Barr
Good Evening,

I am a 38 yr old female..general health ok, overweight.  

Over the last 10 years at any given time with no reason I have the following:

Submandibular node swelling
Fever on average 102 for about 2 days
Fever of 99-100 lasting additional 10-15 days there after
tongue swelling causing ulcers on toungue and inside cheek
Gums swell

Cat scan results:Normal Submandibular gland and surrounding soft tissue plans.  Mild-moderate bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy with the largest node identified just anterior and superior to the right submndibular gland.

Blood results: EBV Capsid AB (IGG) Postive 6.41
EBNA AB (IGG) POsitive >5.00
Presence of CMV IgG

Always the left side, Bells palsey 5 years ago also left side.

7/04- First time nodes throughout my neck and my groin were involved
2/06- First time right side involved..no swelling of tongue or neck glands just submandibular and groin.

I have been to Interentist, ENT and dentists and the head and neck Surgeon told me this is how my body fights infection he gave a basic diagnosis as benign cervical adenpathy.

Does all this have to do with Epstein-Barr, including the bells?  I know they all come from a herpes type virus.  If so what type of doctor am I best off seeing to help me with my episodes.

Thanking you in advance for any and all information


Paula K.

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Hi.  I was wondering about your EBV .  I was tested back in the Jan 2001.  All my levels came back positive, including a reactivated infection.  I never knew that I had it before.  I was tested because of extreme nausea by my gyn.  Went to him because I thought that a ovarian cyst that I had was causing the nausea.  After the nausea went away (took about 3 months) I started having really weird sensations (like bugs crawling on my skin) Do you have any of these sensations?  I've had them for about 5 years off and on.  No numbness or muscle weakness, just weird feelings.  I also get them in the left side of my face, but seems to be aggravated by left shoulder tension.  That's the same side that I get migraines on.  Just wondering if you have any of the same feelings?
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