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Chronic Pain Syndrome, Copout diagnosis
This is about my dad. We've been trying for a diagnosis to his problems for the past 15+ years.

Symptoms -
Chronic pain in the left side.
Inability to keep balance.
No existant Vitamin D. (Yet full iron and calcuim levels)
Photo sensitivity.
Week immune system.
Asthma like symptoms.
Spontanious allergies
short term memory
Forgets hot and cold (puts hand in oven and pulls things out)
Inability to feel hot and cold.
Inability to use left side.
Uncontrolable limb (tries to use arm and end up hitting himself and such)
Limited sensation in left hand (picked up baby and freeked because it was freezing then changed hands and found she was fine)

(also has scarring/calcium in liver, not damaging though)

Occured after - Glandular feaver.

Medications -
(Tramadol when required)

Previously used medication -
(and many others i dont know the name of)

Everything that they've tested for has come back negative.

The most recent and severe symptom -
Stroke like symptoms on the left side.

Side-affects put down to medication -
constant sweating (til drenched 24/7)
numbness ( he had an eye infection so bad it affected half his face and he couldn't feel it, his sister found it)
inability to move/walk/communicate.
memory loss.
short term memory. (very short term, misses days)

I know its a challenge. But i need the most unusual unlikely things that it could be that maybe not show up...
Hes got so bad he can't stand up now. And because of the stroke issue(although its not likely a stroke)
Thank you soo much.
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I'm so sorry about your dad.  It seems he is really struggling.  Has he been tested for Borrelia yet? In its severest form, it can cause all of the symptoms you mention. The fatigue of Borrelia feels a lot like Glandular Fever (I have had both).  As Borrelia can suppress the immune system, sometimes viruses (especially EBV) in the body flare up and make the patient feel even worse and confusing the diagnosis.

I don't know if this is a possibility for your dad, but in the absence of good answers, it might be worth testing for it.
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You could also try magnesium supplements (500-600mg/day) to see if this offers a little relief. Magnesium helps in nerve and muscle function. It would take a week to notice any difference.
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thanks for the reply
The issue is. He has never been bitten by ticks.
Nor is there any abundance of ticks in the area he lives.
I'm more exposed to them than he is (as i live further north where 2 types of tic

From what I have now looked up about Lyme Disease.
It doesn't sound at all like it.

Its been 15years.
The neurological symptoms are very recent. Ie within only a few months. 8/10 months ago.

He hasn't any skin issues other than "schambergs disease"

Thanks anyway. I'll sure pass it on to see anyways x
Ellie x
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