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Chronic Sinus Pain
I have had sinus pain for twelve years.  Originally, the pain began following sinus surgery.  It was later established that I was suffering from osteomyelitis, which was remedied by a six month course of high level antibiotics.  However, the pain continued and was subsequently controlled by Lyrica 75mg twice per day; this treatment is ongoing.
A second source of pain began around 2004 and gradually became stronger.  No one could diagnose the problem and I eventually began suffering from acute infections requiring five day treatment with injected antibiotics, which would temporarily solve the issue.  This continued for years until a pyocele?? was discovered at the back of my nasal passage on the opposite side to the original pain.  It remained untreated as my ENT thought it would make no difference.  Finally, after many bouts of acute infection, I sought another ENT, who removed the pyocele?? while I was sitting in his ante room.  
This solved the problem of the acute infections and I have never had a return of these symptoms.  What did remain was the acute pain; this has become much worse with time and I am now using 150 mg Lyrica twice per day, I wear a 20mcg pain patch and take 100 mg tramal twice per day.  The pain is made worse by heavy physical activity or prolonged social events.  It also seems like preservatives, colourings, flavourings and msg can make the symptoms worse when I become sleepy and fatigued.  These latter symptoms are also evident following heavy or prolonged activity.  When these additional symptoms arise, I have to take regular doses of panadeine and also add oxynorm 5mg as required.  Even with all of these big guns the pain is still quite strong at times and for prolonged period.  Once the cycle begins, it can take up to three weeks to return to normal.  During these episodes I also take Arithromycin and Augmentin Duo Forte 875mg until the symptoms dissipate.
I frequently feel like ending my life and have made two attempts.  I now have a foolproof means to handle any future attempt.  I'd rather remain with my family so please, can you help me?  I've been described as a sinus cripple by my ENT.  How helpful is that???

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