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Chronic Stomach Pain in 15 YO
My 15 Yo had has constant non stop stomach pain for the last 2 months.  She has had a CT scan, colonoscopy, Xray and Endoscopy.  They did find Barretts esophagus, but said that would not be causing  non stop  stomach pain.  At times it spasms worse and its even more painful.  It does not get better if she eats, does not eat or position wise.

Went for a second opinion with a pediatric gastro and he and our pediatrician  think its anxiety.   She was on 20 mg prozac, now just recently started on wellbutrin to see if that helps.

She has missed school mostly for the 2 months and has a home tutor.  We are trying to get her back to school.

She says it can't be anxiety, she is not nervous etc ( she has has anxiety with school in past, but never with stomach issues like this).  she has no other stomach symptoms.

She has researched intercoastal neuralgia, but we dont know much about it.

any ideas or suggestions would be wonderful

Thank you
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