Cold in the shower and get dizzy
So afraid to get into the shower is no one is here with me.  I get so cold in the shower and can't stand I have to sit.  Jus the thought of it makes me anxious.   Have had panic attacks for 22 years but this started over a year ago and no clue why.  Sitting here now knowing I have to shower before work and my legs are cold and numb and breathing is labored ,  anxiety just go away and leave me alone for just one day.   Seems it gets worse when I don't have as much stress.   I have been living with Anti Thyroid Antibodies turning itself on and off all my life , so any suggestions would be wonderful.  Just had oatmeal for breakfast, took my fish oil , xanax and an ibuprofen because the entire left side of my chest has been bothering me for days since my last chiropractic adjustment.   Thinking I need to go back.   Leg cramps when I sleep , but when I do sleep I sleep hard !!  Any help would be wonderful.   I sleep on my left side and think I hyperextend that side .  Also get very anxious if I have to use the restroom and believe me I go there A LOT !   Sometimes I can't make it there , mostly right after I eat.   God someone out there help me please !!!!

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