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Copper Deficiency
About 2 months ago, I began to notice joint pain in my fingers on both hands, most specifically in the DIP joints (closest to my fingernails).  I have been unable to go to the doc about this yet, but have been racking my brain to figure out where it has come from since I am a otherwise healthy 25 yo male with no family history or risk factors for arthritis or anything.

Well I narrowed it down to 2 things that changed in my life/diet prior to this happening.  1.) I was diagnosed with IC and put on a prescription of Elmiron.  Could not find any info on Elmiron creating this as a side-effect.

2.) I had been taking zinc supplements (for no specific reason) in addition to a multivitamin.  NOT including dietary zinc from food, I was getting 65 mg of zinc/day.  Was on those for about a month before finger/joint pain set in.

My research showed that 65 mg (probably closer to 80 mg when food is considered) of zinc per day was WAYYYY too much and could create a copper deficiency.  One symptom of copper deficiency could be joint pain.

Sounds like I have a winner so as of last Tuesday, got off the zinc supplements.

Any of you heard of joint pain being caused by a copper deficiency?  I am stil taking the MV which has copper in it.  What should  I do to get my copper level back to normal?  Will this correct the joint pain?

Thanks for any help you can give!
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