Cracked/broken knuckle?
by david2280, Apr 28, 2010
About 2 months ago I was out drinking and out of stupidity punched a pole very hard. It didn't hurt very much at the time, as i was drinking. The next day my middle finger knuckle and the parts closest to it were very swollen; My knuckle was double in size and didnt have the shape of a knuckle anymore. My hand hurt a good amount when opened/closed it. I decided to just leave it alone. The swelling went down gradually over 3 weeks or so. After the swelling went down all the way, my knuckle still hurt when i put pressure on it, but i thought it was just still healing. It has now been 2 months, i have full range of motion without any pain, however when I apply pressure to the knuckle, it hurts a good amount. Also, in the top right corner of the knuckle it almost feels like there is a hole and i can move what feels like a piece of bone around without pain really. I am writing this because my friends and I joke around alot and give each other 'dead arms' or just punch each other in the arm and today after punching a friend in the arm my knuckle really hurt. Is it going to heal itself? what could be wrong with it? I have heard that a fractured/broken knuckle kills so i doubt i have that. Also do i need to see a doctor? what could they do to help? I've been hoping to get into boxing, but if i can't punch that won't be happening. help.
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by Niquea3, Apr 28, 2010
It sounds like you have some internal bruising that never properly healed and you've slightly dislocated the joint. Yes I would definitely see a doctor as to if it is dislocated they will reposition it so that it heals like it should and not heal with it being off track forever. Once it's in its proper setting you will to begin to get relief.
Hope ya feel better ;))
by mae2006, Apr 29, 2010
hello david i used to hit things back in high school, black boards, mirrors, a wall or two. i know how it feels to have a swollen knuckle after doing stupid stuff. i didnt go to the doctor with mine but i think you should. it needs to be checked out and made sure you havent fractured it or chipped a bone, or you may have just bruised it. my knuckle is still bigger than the others and i occasionally still have pain from it. ( its been 8 years). dont be embarrassed a doctor has heard and seen just about anything. wish you good luck and a peace of mind. :0)
by Dr. Kokil MathurBlank, May 03, 2010
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A broken knuckle may not set properly, result in inflammation of the bursa, may result in infection of the bone (this can be really serious) and may result in reactive arthritis from repeated trauma. Please get an X-ray of the joint to start with and immediately consult an orthopedic specialist. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
by emily0989, May 25, 2010
i think i broken mine too it hurts to bend and its really bruised and swollen but i keep hitting the wall and it worstens someone help me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))