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Deep pain in upper thigh/buttocks, combined with chronic pain throughout calf and foot (16 months)
Hi Doctor,
  For about a year, I have had a very very tender area on my upper thigh in my left leg (December 2009).  Four months after I noticed this tender area, I began having pain in my calf and foot.  Gradually I have noticed a numbness feeling off and on in my calf and foot.  Also, sometimes if my leg is in bent position, my leg will suddenly jerk or i'll feel like I need to jerk it.  This all began with the tender spot in my upper thigh.  I've discovered this  tender spot is a lump (if I sit on the floor with my legs crossed I can actually feel it).  It feels like a deep bruise, almost to the bone.  

I have to shift my weight and can not put any pressure on it (it's on the upper part of my thigh, almost butt).  Sometimes it throbs in that area, and the skin is numb and tender too.  However the lump is deep.

I've been to a few doctors (not recently because I am frustrated with the lack of answers).  One sent me to physical therapy (told me it was a pulled muscle or sciatica) which I went to until it got to expensive and it didn't help at all.  He also wanted to do an mri of my lower back which I declined due to cost.  Another one told me it was nothing.  

Over a year later, it hasn't gotten any better.  I have chronic pain in my whole leg and the pain in my thigh is just as bad as it was the day I noticed it.

I'm graduating from college in May and am planning to pursue this with a different doctor after I finish a very busy year, but thought it would be helpful if someone could give me some advice on what it is now.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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