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Dent In Right Lower Leg
I have notice a growing "dent" like structure in right lower leg over last 6 mo.It's almost half way between ankle& Knee on exterior right side & although is somewhat round, it appears to run larger right to left over top to bottom. I first thought maybe my socks caused it but I wear Knee not clave socks & there is nothing like that on left leg.I suffer from restless leg like symptoms on occassion.I have a bruised tender feeling that runs from lower back clear to my heel on occassions, also on right leg (very rarely left one).I also have random occassional face twitches and everytime I am in a bath and slpash water on my face, my left eye twitches uncontrollably & I get the thumb twitch and thigh twitches also.

I am also now having burning pain in my right elbow more than likely due to an sprian or injury that tookk place in October, but it has never healed (it was not a real bad injury to begin with).

I am in good health otherwise and walk 3-4 times a week for about 40 minutes at a 4 mile an hour pace & have average BMI & weight.My blood workup a year ago was really good except that as usual, my white blood count sits below the recommendations (sometimes slightly, sometimes largely).

I also go through periods of extreme lethargy.No energy despite good diet & exercise.

My father has MS but so far no one even thinks this could be related.I am treated more like this is all in my mind.

Any help would be appreciated and I will be seeing an orthopedic doc here soon for the elbow issue
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