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DistendedDistendedstomach,weight gain, frequent bowel movements, HELP!
I'm seeing a doctor Monday, but I am stressing so bad.

Background: I had a son 6 months ago. 6 weeks after he was born, I was put on Yaz. I stopped the pill at 2 and 1/2 months. My stomach was always disented. I gained weight in my abdomen, as well as hips, thighs, and arms. I'm NOT pregnant. These symptoms have been going on for 3+ months.

Symptoms: 80% of the time my entire stomach is swollen. I look at least 6 months pregnant. I wake up either fully bloated, or not bloated. I bloat no matter what. I can eat and bloat. I can wake up and not eat and bloat. Every day I weigh different. I keep GAINING weight, then LOSING weight, then GAINING again!

I exercise 4 times a week! I eat healthy! No change in weight! No muscle added, just weight and bloatedness!

I have bowel movements AT LEAST 5 times a day, NEVER less!

Everything I read says I may have IBS, but then I see weight loss is a symptom. But I have weight gain. I don't lose weight...my weight depends on how bloated I am.

I'm going crazy. Help?
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Yes, IBS can cause weight loss. However, it can also cause weight gain due to water retention if the nutritional deficiency through this causes anemia and low protein. Other than that it can also be Crohn’s, Celiac disease or due to parasites or worms in the gut.
You will need a referral to a GI doctor. Hope this helps. Take care!
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