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Diverticulosis & Hypoglycemia connection ?
My husband has had diverticulosis for years also has symptoms of Hypoglycemia.  He recently had a basic test for Hypoglycemia which was negative. He has all the symptoms of Hypoglycemia so something must be causing this. I have wondered if he does not have good digestion and does not get the nutirients from his food, and in turn that might result in the Hypoglycemic symptoms.
He can remedy this by simply eating something with sugar or even other foods ( potato chips for instance ). He eats 3 good meals a day so does not skip meals. He also has Chronic HBP, and has recently gone on Meds for that which seems to be working . Prior to the meds, he was having some memory problems and confusion. I am now wondering if these low blood sugar bouts were to some degree responsible for the confusion also.  
Drs. seem to want to think Anxiety is the cause but i think it must be brought on by some of the above.   The family has a history of Diabetes .
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