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Dizziness , neck and shoulder pain
MY problem is related to dizziness. All the symptoms i have given below are all experienced on the right of the face and head.

Neck and shoulder pain
Ache in the temple, just below the right ear,
ache just above the right eyebrow,
Ache in the nose bridge on the right side,
A dull pressure on the right side of the head
Feeling of shakiness on the head and feeling of heart beat on the head.
Feeling very sleepy.
Increased Heart rate

Doctors diagnosis is anxiety so I was put on Citalopram 20mg for yr and then i slowly withdraw. BUt the problem appeared again after several months. MRI and EEG done. Blood tets , thyroid are normal.

IF someone has any idea please help. I am unable to do my studies properly cause of this.

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Have you had a 3 hour blood glucose test done? You could be suffering from a blood sugar issue, for example hypoglycemia or elevated blood sugar, possible pre- diabetes or diabetes. Have you been checked for a sinus infection?
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