Dizziness, spaced out feeling, head pain, sinus pressure and feeling shaky
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by bratknee10, Mar 06, 2008
I too thought it was a brain tumor but chances are it is not. But I did get an MRI and if it will make you feel better I suggest asking him about it. With a brain tumor you would have extreme symptoms like vomiting, extreme loss of weight, inability to move one side of your face etc. But like I said if it will make you feel better just ask him and get it done.
by brittxbritt, Mar 07, 2008
Hey there,

Deep breath! I've been there. I know that HORRIBLE feeling of being detached from reality. Like you're floating, sounds become muffled, someone's talking to you but you're not really listening... your heart starts racing, your mind starts whirling, and you have to shake your head hard to bring yourself back.

I went to doctors and had tests done and thought I had all kinds of crazy things wrong with me. I was told I had anxiety. I didn't believe that but went to see a psych anyways who sent me away as "normal". So then I panicked more thinking I was going to drop dead at any time. It was suggested to me again that maybe I had generalized anxiety disorder. Once I started to consider the idea that I had anxiety, things were in perspective for me. I bought an anxiety workbook and started seeing a life counselor. (Check with your employer - most companies have an employee assistance program) Since then, my symptoms have almost all disappeared. Every now and then I get a little shaky, but I take deep breaths, find some peace in the chaos, and balance is restored.

Don't give up on the idea of anxiety just because YOU don't see your life as stressful. You may be dealing with more than others would see as normal. And don't let anyone else dismiss your fears. It's your life and if you're paying someone to help you put the pieces back together, dangit they had better bring glue and instructions.

And maybe you just suffer from chronis sinus infections. I suffer from frequent constipation and there's no underlying cause. I'm just not regular! (:

I hope that even if what you're experiencing is not anxiety, you find out what it is. You deserve to be happy and worry/pain-free!

So, do yourself a favor and take a deep breath, close your eyes, hold your breath for a few seconds, let that air out slowly, and as you're letting it out, think of the best time you've ever had. Keep your eyes closed and savor that feeling. Use that moment in your darkest, most painful times, and you'll see the light. Whether it's anxiety or something else, your mind and memories can always take you to a better place.
by Musharica, Mar 08, 2008
Well my neurologist put me on Xanax because I was experiencing the symptoms to the point that I was having panic attacks because of being frustrated that the feelings wouldn't go away no matter what. Basically there is nothing physically wrong with me which is good. My symptoms are more than likely due to my body's response to trauma i've been going through. The xanax helps because it makes me calmed down and intensifies the foggy headed feeling. Therefore when the meds wear down I feel somewhat normal (as opposed to being drugged up). The foggy headed feeling hasn't gone away at all but the Xanax is helping me to cope. I encourage everyone to keep posting because just reading that other people are suffering the same symptoms (the no one else or doctors can understand) gives me comfort. We're all in this together!! Anyone have any suggestions, comments? Anything helps!
by missmpd, Mar 09, 2008
Sorry to say that I've had this dizzy feeling for years and haven't found out what the problem is.  I have nasal congestion (left side only) and have had two nose surgeries which did not help.  When that side of my nose closes up I feel dizzy and light headed. When I walk around I feel like I'm going sideways and am afraid I will fall.  Even when I sit I feel like I'm going to just fall over.  When my nose opens up, which isn't very often I feel more normal.  I've taken allergy shots which didn't help and had CT of sinuses which was clear.  Every day I get up and feel the same way.  I feel like this at home as well as when I go out, which isn't very often.  I feel sleepy all the time and my eyes feel like I can't hold them opeen.  I don't know what to do next.  This is ruining my life.  Until I found this site I didn't know so many people had this same or similar problem. Hope we all can find an answer to this.
by darlingdivatx, Mar 09, 2008
Okay...I may not have all the answer to the root cause of all your symptoms but I can tell you that I have a similar issue. Chronic ENT problems. One doc says allergies, one says ear, one says no ear is result of chronic sinus infections, and round and round I go. It's like being on a feaking merry go round, but the ride never ends. I've been on antibiotics and feel better, but a week after I finish, symptoms are back. The worst part is the fatigue. My boyfriend told me to take an expectorant in addition to the antiobiotics, antihistimine, and decongestant the doc prescribed. I had taken it before and knew he was right. It had always helped, in the very least making me more comfortable. We'll Once I started taking it, I never stopped, and I feel much better. My sinuses still bother me a bit. So do my ears. But I haven't been on an antiobiotic for six months. And I think that's because I ran out of the expectorant. Before I started the expectorant I was on antiobiotics of one sort or another for 1 solid year. You might try and see if this gives you some relief. I take the Mucinex extended tabs. I think it's the 600mg pills, twice a day. They're over the counter. There's no doubt that I have a chronic infection, either in my ears or sinuses. At least now I know I can live with it. It doesn't control my life anymore. If you try it keep me posted and let me know how it works for you!
by RubieRed, Mar 15, 2008
Well I went back to the Dr and he is now refering me to an Opthamologist. He wants me to get my eyes checked out and if everything checks out fine then he will refer me to a neurologist. I can understand eye problems causing dizziness and headaches but I really don't think it would cause the rushing in my ears and fatigue right?

To make matters worse I have begun to get headaches every day now. Wen I told the DR he said they are stress headaches. My appt is coming up soon so I will update you guys again.
by kw47781, Mar 16, 2008
if you have not seen an immunologist please do so.  also, please get tested for Celiac Disease.
by zitisue, Mar 16, 2008
Can I jpin your club too? If there is no club it sure sounds like we should start one. I too have experienced all the symptoms listed above. I will save your reading time by saying I went to all the docs and I mean all the docs and took all the tests and I mean all!!! Everyone points to anxiety. However I fight this diagnosis ( though they may be right I find it hard to accept) I been to shrinks who points to meds. Matter of fact every doc I saw wrote me at least 2 scripts. Nothing works. The xanax mentioned earlier is a great band aid for when panic sets in. My cocktail was a xanax and 2 motrin, that always levelled my playing field. I have always believed that my anxiety is from my symptoms not anxiety causing the symptoms. No matter what you believe the common thread is that the medical community has no answers only guesses. So here is my suggestions since alot of my symptoms have left me ( I still get the light headedness and I still get feelings as if I am drained and I need a nap but these symptoms are not as frequent).
1. Eat a better diet  lower the sugars and the carbs, drink water ( a little lemon pinch of baking soda only) maybe some green or white teas.
2. Exercise moderately (walk in sunlight)
3. Read a good book or watch Family Guy ( reading makes me relax, Family guy carcks me up and laughing is a wonderful medicine)
4. Alcolize get the body away from acids ( I am trying but not so successfully)
5. Cleanse ( colon, liver, candida etc)
6. Try and live a better life style
You may look at this and say "bullcrap" I know I do...But I figure nobody has any answers and what I listed sure cannot hurt. I did lose 25 lbs and fitting into old clothes gave me self esteem. One last thing, get your hormones checked very important that your mones are right.   Out
by zitisue, Mar 16, 2008
I said one last thing in my earlier post. I lied. One more one last thing. I just read a research report where the findings consider antidepressants placibo.  Zoloft paxil etc. Lets face it guys  we are either weak or strong. No shrink in the world is going to make us feel better about ourselves. Unless they lie to us and just tell us what we want to hear. Me I am facing mid life crises. Turning 50. I realize my mind is weak and getting weaker. I know I have turned into a loser who would rather sit in front of the TV, then go out and try to have social fun. All I do now is read the internet and dwell on every little symptom my bod comes up with. Any good suggestions that come my way I have 10 negatives to throw at it. Is this you too? Don't let it be. Don't be me. We have to write a mission statement and set goals and force ourselves to do healthy things. I have started like I said to eat better and live a better life style. Presently to be honest I have no answers yet on how to bring back the zest in life. But its all up to me not the shrinks. I know what my problems are. And in reality I know what some of the answers are I just have to dig deep and find the inner strength to get up and go. Finding this strength is the toughest part since I am an easy way out kind of guy and always have been. But I feel If I can get up over this hump called life right now and some how accomplish and get some real self esteem that alll these symptoms we write about may just pack themselves up and go on a permanent vacation. Now I am really out.
by sasquatch714, Mar 17, 2008
man im spaced out feelin today, i been doin much better in most ways, still thankful for xanax, light doses, but yesterday, we had very small field peas, meatloaf, kinda instant 4 minute stuff,an i had got some skim milk, drunk about a quart at least, last nite had weird weird dreams, but woke up just spaced out an outta focus feelin, this used to happen a lot, havent used my sleep apnea machine for a week, i just get tired of the hassle, you roll over an it comes off of your face, an you dream about wind, an wake up an its the mask is off an air is blowin, except for this, i ben doin much better, am takin zinc, calcium, magnesium, i think, timed release b vitamins, an about 1,000 on the vitamin c, taday is a real drag, but it will pass, dont even feel like really writing about this, but glad i can, was it the lack of usin my machine,, a bunch of m an ms i ate, or those litle field peas, meatloaf etc, who knows, i hate feelin this way,, like when i used to smoke pot all the time, the next day, so spaced out , an awful feelin, but thank god, this too will pass.