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Do I have coccydynia?
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Do I have coccydynia?

Two days ago, I noticed a bit of pain around my tailbone area while walking with my wife at Target. I thought it was odd, because nothing unusual has happened recently that I remember. I haven't had any changes in physical activity, falls, etc. I haven't been sitting unusually or for longer-than-normal periods. Still, it feels like a bruised my coccyx in a big way.

It seemed a bit worse today. I found the description for coccydynia online, and for the most part I think my symptoms match, but I also feel a lot of pain if I clench my anal muscles, and some pain when walking. I didn't see those symptoms listed among the common effects of coccydynia. Plus, it isn't all that bad when I go from sitting to standing. The pain is quite acute when clenching, and minor but definitely noticeable when walking. My entire coccyx area is very tender when touched or if I sit certain ways.

Question is, what could have caused it? Is there any point in seeing a doctor, or should I give it a few days to see if the symptoms resolve? It's bothersome enough that it's affecting my mood--I'm getting a bit grumpy about it.

I should add that I am a generally healthy 37-year old male with no health issues to speak of.

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Yes, one possibility is coccydynia but another possibility which I can think of is anal fissure which produces a similar kind of symptoms but just wanted to know if you have similar symptoms when you pass stools. Do you get any severe acute pain? Anal fissure is basically a break in the mucous layer of the anus which can result in severe pain in the anal area. I would request you to consult a surgeon and may be you need a proctoscopic examination as anal fissure usually coexists with hemorrhoids (piles).

I hope that helps. Kind Rgds.
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i have a question about coccydynia. i first started having pain in my tailbone which i think was due to excessive sitting. a few days later i started developing an ulcer/open wound on the tailbone and  the area surrounding it. its been 3 years now since the problem started . the pain is not there all the time. but there are periods when there is excessive pain and sometimes bleeding as well. Can some one please tell me whether this is coccydynia , or if not whats else can it be?
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