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Doctors are uncertain: Very low blood platelets, elevated liver enzymes???
On 9/5/13 I noticed a raised, black in color, " insect looking bite" on top of my foot yesterday evening. It has a hole in the center, it doesn't itch & only hurts a little when I push on it. Just a little concerned because I haven't ever seen anything even simlilar. By the evening of 9/6 I had a lot of pain in my foot (bones hurting). Arrived to ER 9/7/13 at 8 a.m then noticed red webbed looking rash from toes to ankles & my toes were bruising on both feet. They ran my blood work & I was admitted to the hospital because my blood platelet count was very low (32,000, normal is 150,000 or greater.) I was visited by several doctors that are still uncertain of my diagnosis. The doctors treated me like I had a tick borne illness until more lab tests come back & they say they still may not have a diagnosis!?! I haven't had a tick bite since I was a child. They put me on antibiotics which increased my platelets to 70,000 so they discharged me 9/9. I'm still taking antibiotics, only having pain where the one bigger spot is and around it. I also have 3 of these blackish "bite looking" spots in a triangular shape on my foot...Does anyone have any ideas?
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