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Does Muscle Weakness Influence Balance,Stability,Coordination??
Hi there,

just thinking about something on a regular basis.One of my symptoms is muscle weakness along with disturbed balance,stability and movement coordination.

To me it makes sense that weak muscles cause some kind of instability which further leads to problems with balance and coordination.that´s at least how I see it.

Nothings wrong so far.But my worry is that it is eventually not normal that muscle weakness affects stability in this way and that this is an direct indication of a serious disease.Several neuro´s told me that I have nothing serious,but the instability is there because of the muscle weakness.

So does anyone of you guys have similar problems with muscle weakness that is influencing stability and coordination without having something really serious??

Against medical advice I always keep thinking that I must have something really bad because the weakness influences my balance and coordination...

thx for your help

best wishes

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