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Does anyone know what htis oculd be?? (sports related injury)
I have forearm and wrist pain.The pain is concentrated on the left and upper sides of my left wrist and forearm.
I also happen to have a very large bruise on the upper side of my elbow, although I did not hit my elbow against anything.
The pain occurs whenever my wrist is under heart level.Whenever I raise the wrist, it will take a few seconds for the pain to subside.Sometimes I can put pressure on the wrist without feeling any pain, but then after the excercise I feel intense pain in teh wrist/forearm area.
I have done gymnastics and capoeira which include some very wrist intensive excercises such as handstands,handsprings etc...
This pain has been coming on and off for 2 days now.I have no idea what this could be.I have been icing the wrist and forearm and resting it also.
Does anyone know what this could be??

Other potentially valuable information : - I sprained my left wrist over a year ago, it seems ot have fully healed.
                                                        - I sustained shock to my left elbow while falling off a bike at relativley high speed.That was definitley healed though.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Your symptoms could be due to carpel tunnel syndrome. In this the median nerve is compressed at the wrist in a place called the carpel tunnel. Symptoms begin with numbness and tingling of the first three or two fingers from the thumb side. Treatment is usually by splints and steroid injections. It could also be due to rheumatoid arthritis or even gout.
The other possibility is a ligament tear or an injury to the joint while doing gymnastics or during the bike accident.
It would be good if you could consult an orthopedic specialist. All the above mentioned causes can cause swelling when the wrist is hanging down.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Thanks for the response, I've looked into Carpal Tunnel Syndrom,Gout and Rheumatoid arthritis.I've immobilised the wrist foor the time being before I cna go to see a specialist.An injury to the joint after the bike accident is not very probable, the hospital was very thourough and made sure everything was alright.Also the bike accidnet was approximatley 1 year ago.(should have said this in the first post :P)
Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis seem unlikley but I will not rule them out, only a qualified doctor will be able to do that with accuracy.
The symptoms I have are very much like those of the carpal tunnel syndrome though, some of these symptoms I've had for as long as I can remember :
-  Very sweaty hands(both),
- Unexplained and sudden shaking of the hand/spasm,or dropping objects(both hands).
Also to note : I was very physically active as a child up until the age of 11, I used to do gymnastics and a range of other excercises that put pressure on the wrists.Then I took a break of 6 years due to lack of facilities.
Others have come on very recently since a few days, after a long period of excercise.
- Tingling in the fingers(first four) - this on both hands not only the left
- Sudden sharp pain in the forearm (only in the left)
- Pain after hyperextension or after pressure is put on the wrist(in both hands but much more pronounced and more often occurs in the left)
- Pain from the wrist down to the extremities of the fingers on occasion(only in the left)

Another thing maybe unrelated : My arms become extremley hard after a workout sometimes, this is not muscle contraction, I workout regularly and know the difference in feel.Its more like massive and sudden increased bloodflow to the forearms.It goes away after a small while and leaves my forearms arms tender.(I do not work out at the moment though due to my wrist pains).

Compression of the wrist and icing seems to help(even though the wrist is not swollen nor is the forearm) it does reduce the pain, it does not stop it though.Rest  is also helping and immobilisation stops the pain.
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