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Elvated RF with normal sed and normal ANA
I am a 41 year old female, thought to be very healthy until december when I had surgery for a dermoid cyst.  After this I started having pain in the left flank and digestive pain (gas) this started to cause me stress, then stress in my personal life increased.  I just had blood work done and have a RF 0f 231 and normal values on everything else except absolute monocytes being slightly low at 190.  I have only had pain in both my wrists intermittently over the past year but I work with my hands as a chiropractor and see 40-50 people a day.  When i got this report I wasn't having any pain and was just looking for values for my flank pain.  However, now that I got this blood work back, all of my RA joints hurt and I am having panic attacks... I am wondering if I created the high RF from stress and am having psycosymatic response ... I am fearfull I wont be able to perform my job if it is RA and I have small children at home.  Haven't gotten any answers yet as to what could be going on.  Any one else have similar situation?
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