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Enlarged spleen with lymph node infection
I have been suffering from a severe sore throat for almost 2 weeks.  Went to an Urgent care center and they tested me for strep which came back negative.  I went on Zythromax and pain meds.  The next night, the pain became so bad, I couldn't move my neck so hubby took me to the ER.  After an IV cocktail, I felt no pain and they wheeled me in for a CT scan.  All that showed up were the infected and swollen lymph nodes.  I was put on steroids, valium and more pain meds.  A few days later, I was still feeling horrible, couldn't swallow without extreme pain, so I went to my regular doc.  He found that my spleen was enlarged and checked for mono.  That came back negative too.  The CBC showed a problem with my white blood cells and something having to do with the lymphocytes.  I am having crazy intermittent pain on my left side, but I don't want to panic and go to the ER again.  I am on RX steroids again and my throat is feeling a little better, but the pressure/pain in the spleen area is bugging me.  Long story short, QUESTION:  When does the spleen begin to shrink back to normal, and when does medical attention become necessary?  I want to know when and how I can know that things are back to normal.  Thanks for any info.
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