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Erythema nodosum
I have what I thought was Erthema nodosum and went to the dr because they had gotten so big. My dr. was absolutely stunned. I was referred to ultrasound immediately. I have 8 on my lt shin o1 on the side of my shin, 1 on the back of my lt leg above my heel, 1 lg one wrapping around and above my inner rt ankle and going up my rt shin and one on my rt ankle. The largest one I have is about 13 cent. and the smallest one that I have is now 4 cent. On the ultrasound, they are small on top but inside, they spread out as if you were looking at a mountain. I had all the symptoms of Erythema nodosum the discolored skin, pain, heat, but these lumps almost on que grew out of control and are over 2 and one half months old, still growing very quickly, and one has undefined margins. I go in for surgery. The surgeon disagrees that they are not Erythema nodosum, because of the ultra sound images. She states some of these lumps are very invasive and people who get them should always get them checked. She said they are classic in symtom but they were so large and grew very quickly.

So at what point do you get them checked?

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