Extreme Itching Throughout Body
by evolnieineg, Aug 28, 2006
Asian Male of 20 years of age.

Symptoms: Extreme itching all over body if exerted in any way. The itching seems to be almost within the skin.

The problem seems to have started around 2 years ago. I would run or excercise and when my body was a little exerted or I sweated I would become very very itchy for about 20 minutes, and then the itchiness would disappear for the rest of the day. Ignored problem is trivial or even a normal symptom of dried skin.

Now: The itchiness seems to have elevated to another level, although it is the same itching, it does NOT go away, and starts with anything as trivial as taking a walk, to even moving my arm or stretching out. It seems to be associated with heat, because if my body is cold, it is not itchy whatsoever.

Tried: dove soap,all types of lotion (seems to make it worse), consumption of large quantities of water (seems to help a little but might be psychological), stopping the eating of fried foods/sodas/etc, even allergy pills and vitamin/nutrition pills. Regular doctor checkups and Dermatologists shrug it off as nothing but a dry skin problem, but this CANNOT be normal.

Time: The itchiness seemed to almost stop at the beginning of summer, but slowly growing it again has reached it's peak at the end of summertime. It is completely ruining my days with endless scratching and embarassment, as well as making it hard to workout/run/ or even socialize.

Please help with this problem, because it is truly ruining my life.

Thank You.
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by Kalio1, Aug 28, 2006
Chronic itching like you describe can be a symptom of a liver problem. Liver issues can be very hard to diagose until they have advanced to a more critical stage. Often early symptoms are blown off as nothing or as something else, like a skin condition when really there is an underlying liver issue. I'd have a complete blood count done and have a hepatic panel done on your liver to make SURE you are't dealing with a liver problem that is causing systemic itching. Do you have any other symptoms?
by evolnieineg, Aug 28, 2006
Other then the itching there seems to be nothing abnormal about my body or health. Will contact doctor for more blood tests =[, thank you. Do you know of any other serious symptoms or side effects of liver problems?
by sk2006a, Aug 29, 2006
have you tried antihistimes such as benedryl?
by Kalio1, Aug 29, 2006
It could be something else entirely but it has gone on pretty long and itching like that can be liver related. The only other thing I can think of would be some type of parasite but that doest seem likely since it comes and increases by the season. Maybe something in the water? It must be such a hard thing to cope with hope you get answers soon.
by sk2006a, Aug 29, 2006
there are several conditions which include itchy skin as a symptom, but i don't think it's isolated to legs or to one season of the year.  the fact that it's so seasonal is why i thought of allergies.
by waltenbj, Sep 15, 2006
20 m
I have the exact same problem but mine doesnt only occur with physical exercise but also when i get embarassed or angry or any sort of emotion like that. its been driving me crazy i have no idea what it is and ive been searching online nonstop trying to figure it out. SOMEONE HELP!
by jazbo, Sep 17, 2006
I have the exact same symptoms as you and i also get it when startled too. Are you by chance on any meds, such as prevacid(lansoprazole)or any other gastral meds...my doc says it's not likely the cause but i am thinking it might be.
by snaker, Sep 18, 2006
This is too odd.  The itching finally drove me to a search engine and I find others with very similar symptoms.
53 year old male probably drinks too much and has a pot belly has recurring redness with itching (not big hives) and no apparent trigger (like an allergy). Tender skin areas itch furiously for 30 min when I overheat, stress, laugh, get mad, etc.. then all is returns to normal but the incident can recur several times/day.
Lots of travel in Central and South America, lots of exotic animals in environment, recently quit smoking due to shortness of breath and coughing issues.  No antihistamines in use and aside from shrimp, no allergies.
I have an otherwise stable and boring life and a good relationship with GP.  Hepatic panel on the next visit?
Any other itchy people recognize something here??  Should I go back to smoking just in case??
Mom died of scleroderma but I see none of her symptoms yet.
Any ideas??

by trice86, Oct 23, 2007
I have also been experiencing exactly what everyone in this forum has been discussing for the past two years and I am getting sick of it..It is affecting my thoughts and every part of my life that involves motion and interacting with people. I have trouble holding down jobs because I am constantly worried that I might have a flare up and then the worry causes me to have a flare up. It's almost embarrassing and I am not able to talk to anyone about this. I've been doing some research and it might be linked to MS(multiple Sclerosis) the symptom is called "Uhthoff's Symptom"...which is and increase in body temperature caused by exercise, hot baths or showers, hot weather, hot food or drinks, cooking, stress, anxiety, anger, fatigue...I've been researching MS and I find myself in alot of the categories and exhibiting alot of the symptoms since I've been aware of the itching(more so within the past year) I will go now and seek some more medical help because the antihistamines, corticosteroids and allergy pills are really a waste of time and money.

some examples of other symptoms that I have, linked to MS, are; problems with memory, depression, mood swings, shortness of breath, dizzy after physical exertion(in the summer after being constantly exposed to heat I am able to exercise but I sweat profusely!!!), Anxiety, heart palpitations and it goes on....for more info google " Multiple Sclerosis symptoms"...I will also look up the whole liver disease thing because I've been drinking for about 8 - 9 years now so it might also be a cause of it...hope I was any help to you and hopefully I will someday soon be able to rid myself of this ****!

ps: I also read that some MS medications are successful in treating what they call "dysesthetic itching" such as; anticonvulsants, the antihistamine hydroxyzine and antidepressants (I have always thought that maybe it was a psychological or neurological problem and I really hope I'm not right but it sure would put and end to the worst couple years of my life!!)