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Extreme pain in right side in rib cage.
Is there any real explanation for these symptoms? In  Nov. 2009 I had emergency surgery to remove a real bad gallbladder, Had a bout of pancreatitis because a stone was stuck in bile duct. I have since had repeated loose bowel movements forced by eating a meal. But no pain like I am having the last couple of days. The pain hurts when I breath, when I reach to get something, when I move to the right or left the body.
The whole area is as a regular size of a football. Been using heating pads, and a tens unit. No relief! The heat seems to comfort me if I stay really still with it! It does seem to me as though my ribs are broken. But I have not done any physical are unusal straining at anything! On mar. 26 2013 I had a routine colonscopy done and they biopsied in the ilieum a ulcer three mm in size. In 2008 I had colon surgery to remove a large portion of my intestines. cancer was found in the ascending colon close to the small intestine. I did not have to have radiation or chemical treatment. Praise the Lord!

1. If you have any answers let me know!

2. Any doctors that have had patients with same problems
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