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Extreme random pain in calves or feet
I've seen this question come up before here, sparking lengthy discussions without any definitive answers, closed discussions I could not add to, so I'm bringing it up again for myself.  I hope you do not mind.

What does it mean that now and then, if I'm laying down on my back and bend my legs below the knees that I feel an excruciating pain like someone is tearing my calf muscles apart?  I get this in my feet now no then, not often, but right now I'm getting it in both legs, it's pretty hardcore painful and builds to a crescendo for about thirty seconds.  

When it happens in my feet if I push down on my foot into the ground, the pain goes away. It's like a wrong extension thing, very painful, I'm reading about others experiencing it, but doctors don't seem to know what causes it.

The thing is though I'm not overworking my legs or feet, it's very random and takes you by surprise.

Also, if I am sitting up, I can safely bend my leg, but if I'm lying flat, and bend it the same way, that's when it murders me  so maybe there's a hyper mobile issue going on, hopefully I don't have MS, or some kind of diabetic neuropathy, yikes!  It seems to happen to many, but no one knows why?

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