Fatigue, Joint Pain, Cold/Sinus Infection Symptoms, and Anemia
by heartharmonicon, Dec 19, 2007
For about four months I have had horrible fatigue, to the point where I will come home from school and not be able to do anything but sleep until the next morning. I went to my doctor to ask about this, and she did a routine blood work up to see if something was wrong. When the results came back, she said I had anemia which was strange because I was on both B-12 and Iron vitamins at the time; she put me on pre-natal vitamins and said that the anemia was probably the reason for my fatigue, and to wait for two months to see if it clears up.

One month later I began to get these horrible shooting pains in my joints (mainly my elbows, knees, wrists, and hips) and I went on a walk one day to work off the pain, but it only got worse. Currently, I wake up every morning in a lot of pain; I have had to wear a knee brace for a month because one of my knees has hurt so badly I couldn't move it without pain. My joints become extremely stiff when I am inactive.

Also, for the past four months, I've experienced cold-like symptoms. A lot of the time I will wake up with an extremely stuffy nose to the point where one of my ears feels clogged and I can't hear out of it for a while (I also experience a mild vertigo when I wake up). I have horrible headaches behind my eyes probably every other day, so bad that I can't focus on anything and have to sleep it off because the pain is extraordinary.

I was tested for Lupus, but the results came up negative. I have also had mono in the past, which my doctor says could be happening again (but I'm unable to be tested because I will always show up positive on the epstien-barr test because I've had it before). I don't think that it is mono, because the malaise, cold-like symptoms, and joint pains have lasted more than two months.

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by PlateletGal, Dec 19, 2007

I would definitely consider checking out the CFIDS Association of America's website and taking their quiz, "Do you have CFIDS"? In addition, you may want to ask your physician to test you for lyme disease.
by vitaminw, Jan 21, 2009
Did you ever find out what the cause of your fatigue, joint pain and cold-lie symptoms was?  I have been experiencing the same thing.
by marshal1000, Aug 31, 2010
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