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Fatigue and Neck Pain?
For the last several months my mom (age 59)  has been to a variety of doctors who have yet to totally figure out what is causing the symptoms.  I figured it was worth posting them on here.  
1. Neck spasms (we just found out that she has 3 bulging discs in her cervical spine [3, 4 and 5] which is pressing on a nerve, I would think these are related but do not know?)
2. Fatigue.  Whether she sleeps 4 hours or 8 hours after a limited period of activity she has to go back to the couch.  Before the pain and fatigue she walked several miles a day and attended daily activities)
3. Possible high ANA and hemoglobin.
4. Clear MRI as of yesterday.
5. Bulging Disc as mentioned in 1 (otherwise clear MRA)
6. Chronic sinus infection.
7. Impacted ocpital sinus.

I don't know if these things are symptomatic or 1 (or 2 or 3) thing(s).  Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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