Feeling dizzy before and after meals
by geminidus, May 30, 2006
I feel dizzy lately before and after I eat, and sometimes after a meal, I feel dizzy for very long time, I don't know what might be the cause of it.  Also I feel lack of energy, and I had migrain last weekend which I never had before.  Anyone can give me some insight about what might be wrong with me?  Thanks!
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by charley1986, May 30, 2006
Hi, the first thing that comes to mind is either hypoglycemia or diabetes.  Have you had your sugar checked?  Does diabetes run in your family?  Is it only right before and right after you eat?  I don't know that much about diabetes but I think I remember reading something about Fatigue being a part of that as well.  If I read anything else that might help I'll let you know.
by geminidus, May 31, 2006
Thanks for your feedback.  I don't think Diabetes runs in my family, however, i do have an aunt who has it, but just her.  I had my blood sugar checked about half a year ago, everything was normal back then.  I was also thinking my symptoms might be related to either hyper or hypoglycemia, I just don't know which one.  Anyways, I think I'll need to watch my diet and do some exercises and see how i'll feel after.
by charley1986, May 31, 2006
You're very welcome.  I know that with all the stuff I have had going on with no answers coming from any tests so far, I have kept a "diary" of my food, actions, etc. and write down when I have my symptoms - I am going to take this with me when I see the neurologist On the 20th.  It certainly sounds like that could be a possibility. Good luck - let us know what you find out.
by saimonsays, Oct 10, 2009
To cut it short , i had the same , solution , don’t eat anything  after you wakeup,, do anything and after 1 hour have some food ,  but make sure it’s not  high in sugar , glucophage  will help you a lot , you have high level of insulin , good luck