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Feeling of nausea and sick to stomach when standing up (but not walking...
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Feeling of nausea and sick to stomach when standing up (but not walking around) for long periods of time

Hi, I am not sure if this is something common, or normal, because I have not heard anyone else mention they have this happen, or see them look how I probably do when this happens...

Ever since I was young, I always have this problem where if I am standing, and stand still there(am not walking around), after a while, I will start to feel very sick to my stomach(very much like I am going to throw up), I feel kind of dizzy and nauseous...it's difficult to explain (as most feelings are I suppose). But it gets so bad I really feel like I'm going to collapse, and my forehead/face feels kind of hot...I end up inevitably sitting down at that point, as it's such a *horrible* feeling...

I mentioned this to my parents at one point when I was in middle school, about 8th grade if I recall correctly. They dismissed it as "you to get some exercise". While it's true, I don't get much exercise (although I am very skinny), there are other kids that are the same, I don't see them having these problems...

I can remember very clearly, a point in time when I was in about 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade....every student was made to stand up for a long time (no idea how long in time..), on a stage with hot stage lights beaming down upon us. I had this *same* exact feeling occur. When we were practicing, after a while of singing (it was some mandatory-chorus thing), I would begin to feel very sick, to the point where if I didn't sit down, like I said..I'm quite sure I would have just passed out. So I sat down...I begin to feel a lot better(it isn't fully gone in an instant..just a lot better in an instant) after I sit down...

It's also worth noting I guess, that if I do not eat when I am hungry, I will usually end up feeling quite nauseous when I have to do something, like spend many hours digging holes, or something... (I think it's somewhat the same feeling too).

I don't know what this is, or if it is anything unnormal...I really wish I knew what it was, so I could hopefully fix it, as standing up for a while and not walking around, and listening to someone talk for example (30 minutes I guess, maybe more?), will make me feel like this, and I end up looking like a wimp, or someone who doesn't care to what they have to say and wants to leave, just because I have to sit down....

I would really love for this to go away, but even if not, it would be wonderful if it could just be diagnosed (or dismissed as nothing), I think the part of uncertainty is definitely the worst...as I don't know what to tell people.. it would be great if I could say "I have (this) disease".
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Well, what you suffer on prolonged standing is a vasovagal attack. In this the dizziness and nausea makes a person sit down or lie down. The venous pooling to lower limb that happened due to prolonged standing and causing low blood supply to brain is taken care of by sitting or lying down and normal circulation restored.
Some people benefit by following simple steps: Increase your fluid intake. Take adequate amount of salt in your diet. Flex your leg muscles and shift your weight from one leg to other when you are standing still for a long time, do a few jogging steps, or better still, walk around. Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake.
If these tips do not help, consult a cardiologist.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
This is strange that you mention this, I have always done this exact same thing since i was young, If I am walking I am fine and can walk forever but I cant stand still I have even gotten sick in the grocery line and I just want to sit down, I also start yawning alot at this time, have you noticed that?   I do have some hypoglycemia episodes too with my blood sugar dropping at times, doesnt seem to be related....  but just odd I never knew anyone else who did it and I have never seen a Dr for this
A related discussion, I want to know what it is was started.
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