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Feels like I hit my funny bone but over my ENTIRE body, from head to toe, with very bad migraines
This randomly started happening in May of 2007. It happens randomly, sometimes it's when I turn my head too fast, when I am trying to fall asleep, when I take a shower... it's completely random.

My head feels like there is a great amount of pressure on it. Sometimes there are cold spots on the back of my head, not always in the same spot.

My whole body, starting with my head/face then my arms, then coving the rest of my body like a wave, will feel like your arm feels when you hit your funny bone. Sometimes it isn't as bad, and it will just feel like my body is asleep, like when you have your legs crossed too long. When this happens it gets very had for me to breathe or sometimes talk and I feel like my heart is slowing down. It makes me very sick to my stomach and my hands and legs become very shaky, I can't even walk myself to the bathroom, I have to have some one help me around. My whole body aches when it's over.

There are times where it happens in while I am asleep and I am aware of it. I will stop breathing completely and try and wake myself or someone else up and I end up just twitching. This happened the other night and I managed to poke my boyfriend enough that he woke up and woke me up and I began gasping for air. My body stayed tingling and such for about 5-10 minutes and it was still hard for me to breathe. I was terrified.

Since the first time this happened, my ears have been weird as well. If a car's engine is too loud, or bass in a song or movie is too strong, or there's a high pitched nose, my ear will feel like it's pulsing and throbbing, sometimes one ear, sometimes both. It is very painful. It also randomly stings, whether there's any nose or not, it stings VERY bad when it happens and usually leaves me in tears.

A few doctors didn't believe me and kept saying things like "That's an atypical response." repeatedly every time I tried to explain a "symptom". Another couple keep saying "It's probably just stress" but I have a wonderful life and am hardly EVER stressed, even a little. I only get stressed when it happens, and usually when it happens it happens when I am very happy. And other ones have just as much of a clue as I do. "It's stress", "it coud be a pinched nerve", "it could be panic attacks" "it could be severe migraines" "It could be mini-seizures"...

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm only 17 and it's starting to freak me out. I just want to know what's wrong.
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