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Fever of Unknown Origin

Our daughter (17 years old) has had the following symptoms:

- for the past 2 1/2 years or longer [she was adopted 2 1/2 years ago] she has had a reoccuring fever every 2-3 months.  The fever has appeared with no other symptoms.  It would reach above 103 deg F for a day or so, but then go away.  It was treatable with Tylenol.

-In August of this year, she suffered End Stage Renal Failure (her Kidneys lost complete function).  It appears to have been a chronic failure - not acute.  She does not have diabetes.  Lupus tests were negative.  ANA test was positive.  The kidney biopsy was taken at a point where the kidneys were damaged to the point where no cause of the failure could be ascertained.

-On Thanksgiving, the fever came back.  We took her to the ER.  She spent 4 nights at the hospital.  Various blood cultures taken.  Again no root cause of the fever.  It acted the same way it always as - it shows up for 1-2 days and then it disappears.  However, this time she had soreness in her lower back and a very bad headache.  She also started to experience skin peeling on her right hand.  Her other hand had a fistula put in for dialysis, but did not experience any skin problems.  When the ER doctor examined her, he made the comment that her hands felt like they were different temperatures - one was hotter than the other.

If this matters or not, her ethnic origin is Native American.  She was raised in a tribe in the upper midwest.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Since extensive blood tests have been done, focus should be on parasitic diseases. Stool test and liver scans should be done. Hepatitis should be ruled out or else it could even be a STD (if she has a history of sexual contact before adoption or after it). Since kidney is involved, possibility of hear involvement by pericarditis, endocarditis etc should be looked into.
Recurrent or chronic fever is seen in tuberculosis, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) and other auto immune disorders, UTI, drug fever, sinusitis, glandular fever, otitis media, IBS, HIV, STDs, endocarditis, parasitic infestations, fungal infections, lymphomas and other cancers etc. It can even be diabetes and hyperthyroidism.
In women, even polycystic ovary, menopause, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) should be investigated for.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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